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Our role is to manage your foreign trade operation. As a result, our logistics services exist to support our customers in their import, export, international and domestic transportation, multimodal logistics and warehousing needs.


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Inform yourself about our services in:

[Freight Forwarding]

Lozenge is certified OTM - Multimodal Transport Operator, which allows us to offer logistical services involving goods in different modes of transport.
Our services covers organization's entire chain of freight needs of freight forwarding, as well 
LCL and FCL shipments. E2E integrated logistics. Urgent shipments and dedicated deliveries.

[Air Freight]

[Sea Freight]

[Ground Transportation]

[Railroad Logistics]

Quotation:  |   +55 41 3086 2787


Inform yourself about our services in:

[Project Cargo]

[DTA - Customs Transit Declaration]

Lozenge coordinates our clients entire multimodal logistics needs,

including acting as a DTA - Customs Transit Declaration provider. .

Additionally, Lozenge serves special projects for transporting and delivering cargo in varying and special volumes. In Brazil and abroad. Our experience and our partner worldwide guarantees accountability to our services.

Quotation:  |   +55 41 3086 2787


Inform yourself about our services in:

[Customs Clearance]

[Company Qualification]

In addition to full service logistics management, Lozenge also operates in specific stages of the customs procedure and international trade, ensuring the perfect service of nationalization of goods and regulatory management of the company. Our legal expertise ensures compliance with the legal and tax regularity of our clients' operations.

[Product Registration]

[Legal Advice on Administrative Proceedings]

Quotation:  |   +55 41 3086 2787

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[Maritime Cargo and Cabotage Transport]

Lozenge has a strategic joint venture with Cia Sudenor de Navegação Ltda, a company whose core business is maritime and port support navigation.

It is an important alliance for maritime cargo transportation that can greatly facilitate the logistical needs of our clients.

Access here and learn more.


Lozenge seeks the ideal supplier for the product you need.

We have as a standard of conduct the perfect fit of the suppliers that we prospect within our corporate training and supply criteria.


We make it possible to finance your operation.  

We analyze the most appropriate moment for the use of financial resources, taking into account the exchange rate variation.

We are responsible for contracting the international currency exchange.


We operate in all ports, airports and boarded warehouses in the country.


Whether with our own team or highly qualified and skilled partners to conduct its operations according to our philosophy.


Lozenge structures and qualifies your company faced Customs, Federal Revenue and Government Institutions.

Our specialized team prepares administrative defenses and answers to tax requirements.

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