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LOZENGE is a trading company with expertise in international trade and logistics. Our focus is on personal and exclusive service. We manage the entire operation of our customers. Our accumulated expertise is our greatest value.



As an outsourced trading company with expertise in the most diverse business segments related to international trade. The modern view of international trade requires expertise capable of providing quickly and objectively the necessary tools to facilitate the commercialization of a company's products in Brazil or abroad. When we act as an outsourcing company, our role is to integrate our actions and services with the perfect progress of our clients' core activities, functioning as their “foreign trade department”.

We also operate as in-house trading company, when we operate on behalf of our own, in specific business segments, buying and selling goods.


As an international logistics company responsible for the flow of goods between their respective points of origin and destination.


With unique expertise, we manage the purchasing, transportation, storage, organization and planning of the entire logistics chain of our customers.

Whether importing or exporting goods, our logistical arm relentlessly focuses on minimizing the use of resources without resorting to integration in the flow of information and material handling.

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