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Lozenge has unique expertise in exporting arabica coffee to several countries in the world. We have the capacity to supply most of the most sought-after coffees on the world market.


Lozenge is involved in the sale and export of Arabica coffee from Brazil to the world.

It is a business that requires a lot of seriousness and commitment, which has been adapting to the needs of the international coffee market and that today makes Lozenge a company structured to offer the most suitable blends to the needs of our customers.

Our differential is being able to offer, at any time of the year, a blend that is always homogeneous and uniform, ideal for international importers and distributors.


We purchase our own coffee directly from the producer or from specialized brokers and store it in proper locations for proper checking and classification.

The importer gives us its need for quality, sieve and quantity and, upon prior negotiation, we send our samples so that the importer can be sure of the quality of the product he will receive.

Once the characteristics of the coffee have been approved and the deal is closed, Lozenge is in charge of international logistics, always in the CIF mode. We deliver to any port in the world. Our prices follow the prices of international coffee prices and local variations.


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