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Our role is to manage your international trade operation. As a result, our services exist to support our customers in their imports, exports, international and domestic transport logistics, multimodal logistics and storage needs.

[Outsourced Modality]

Upon prior binding of the companies in the Federal Revenue, Lozenge promotes, on its behalf, all actions related to the import of the goods acquired by order from the Purchaser, from the origin to the delivery to its facilities. Lozenge's tax ID is supportive in this import modality, which allows greater agility in the fulfillment of the indispensable requirements for the perfect customs clearance.

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[Outsourced Modality]

It is the business model in which Lozenge finances all the operational and financial needs of the imports, including, but not limited to, the payment of the goods to the foreign supplier and the payment of taxes due on the import, as well customs clearance. Once the merchandise is nationalized, Lozenge invoices them to the Purchaser, in the same way as a domestic sale.


It is the import modality in which the Customer carries out on its own the entire operation of acquisition, logistics and nationalization of the purchased products, thus being responsible for all stages of the import process, ranging from negotiation with the supplier to the resolution of all legal and bureaucratic procedures. Lozenge acts as the ideal consultant for the type of Client that chooses to act in its own name.

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[Outsourced Modality]

The indirect export consists of the transfer of the products from a company, with a specific purpose of exports, to an export commercial company or trading company, which will carry out all international logistical procedures in your name, including the export dispatch. Export costs become more profitable when our customers use this type of business.

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[Expert Consultant Modality]


[Samples & Prototypes]     [Specialized E2E Solutions]

[Urgent Import of Parts for Ships]

For a specific niche of customers, sending prototypes, samples and raw materials are essential for their market strategies. Lozenge acts as the essential E2E logistics provider for the integration between the different departments of these customers, collecting and delivering their needs in a global, efficient and safe way.


Lozenge seeks the ideal supplier for the product you need.

We have as a standard of conduct the perfect fit of the suppliers that we prospect within our corporate training and supply criteria.


We make it possible to finance your operation.  

We analyze the most appropriate moment for the use of financial resources, taking into account the exchange rate variation.

We are responsible for contracting the international currency exchange.


We operate in all ports, airports and boarded warehouses in the country.


Whether with our own team or highly qualified and skilled partners to conduct its operations according to our philosophy.


Lozenge structures and qualifies your company faced Customs, Federal Revenue and Government Institutions.

Our specialized team prepares administrative defenses and answers to tax requirements.

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