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The exchange of samples and prototypes is essential for a company's marketing and product launch strategies. Lozenge understands this need, just as we understand the difficulty in promoting adequate logistics for this purpose. That's why you should know about this model of E2E services that we provide to our customers.



Many companies demand a large exchange of products between themselves or between their suppliers with the possibility of developing new strategies, adjusting machinery and / or launching products. In this sense, the relative exchange as well sending and receiving samples and prototypes always linked to important deadlines are essential.

This is where Lozenge operates, acting as the essential E2E logistics provider for the integration between the various departments of these customers, collecting and delivering their needs in a secure manner on a global scale. To guarantee our efficiency, in this modality we always operate on a door-to-door basis. See an interactive board of this logistics process.


Client reports his need for urgent dispatch to our operating personnel


Lozenge identifies the fastest, most economical and efficient logistic


We carry out the adjustment of administrative treatments and the particularities of shipment


The merchandise is collected and delivered at the destination indicated by the Customer


Ships in operation demand constant repair needs, with parts and implements that often need to be sent from their operational headquarters to the port where they are docked. This operation requires specific knowledge and, more importantly, logistical agility to coordinate delivery with the shipowner's deadlines .

Through a successful joint venture with Cia Sudenor de Navegação Ltda, Lozenge manages to process this operation in a very short time between the origin of the part and the sea areas of Brazilian ports, optimizing important costs for the operation of maritime transport.

Contact us and learn more about this special logistics operations

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The Shipowner (or his agent) is the one who identifies the need for shipping and contacts Lozenge




By E2E logistics operation, Lozenge performs all logistical and customs procedures from origin to destination

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Expert in port support navigation, Sudenor delivers the goods to the repair site

Read more about this joint venture



Lozenge seeks the ideal supplier for the product you need.

We have as a standard of conduct the perfect fit of the suppliers that we prospect within our corporate training and supply criteria.


We make it possible to finance your operation.  

We analyze the most appropriate moment for the use of financial resources, taking into account the exchange rate variation.

We are responsible for contracting the international currency exchange.


We operate in all ports, airports and boarded warehouses in the country.


Whether with our own team or highly qualified and skilled partners to conduct its operations according to our philosophy.


Lozenge structures and qualifies your company faced Customs, Federal Revenue and Government Institutions.

Our specialized team prepares administrative defenses and answers to tax requirements.

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