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Through an export and distribution joint venture with the Luxembourg company NBSC - New Brazilian Spirits Co. , Lozenge exports and distributes cachaça in international markets. Learn more about this business model here.


There are two business models we can undertake:


i. we acquire lots of cachaça in the Brazilian market and export them to our international distributor partners, who will be in charge of the sale to accredited establishments;

ii. we work in harmony with the cachaça producer, who actively participates in the export and distribution process of his brand on the international scenario;

Whatever the business model, Lozenge supports the cause of the promotion of cachaça internationally, providing the producer with a variety of very useful information for the export and resale process in the foreign market.

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NBSC is a company based in Luxembourg that operates in the purchase, distribution and promotion of cachaça in the international market, providing various logistical solutions to facilitate the entry of cachaça in the European market, such as: customs nationalization in its own name, import orders, bonded warehouse and outsourced transportation to serve B2B and B2C delivery needs covering all European territory.

Through this joint venture, cachaça reaches local buyers more easily, because NBSC takes care of promoting the brands it sells in front of bars, restaurants and regional distributors.

It is a business partnership that aims to share logistics costs and mutual investments in marketing under a stronger platform with a quality seal brand.

Saiba mais sobre a NBSC Co.: https://cachacahub.com/


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